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What is included?
You will get all instructions from your instructor before diving. The intrustor will tell you about the basic principles of diving, about safety precautions, introduce you to the equipment, help you to choose a comfotrable suit and show the skills that you have to master underwater.
Practical training in the pool (or in open water)
Under the guidance of our professional instructors, you will experience new sensations of freedom under water, feel weightlessness and discover the underwater world!
Moments of our classes:
Why do you need introdive?
It will help you understant if diving for you or not.
You will feel weightlessness (like a cosmonaut!).
Introdive is a perfect gift for any occasion!
Your new opportunities!
After introdive you will be able to:
Tell all your friends that you had scuba diving
In addition to breathtaking experience you will recieve underwater photos and videos.
Understand the basics of using diving equipment
You will have an idea of what equipment is needed for diving, how to choose and use it correctly.
Sign up for a Open Water Scuba Diving course with a discount!
To become a real diver and start an independent exploring of the underwater world, you need to take a special course and get a certificate. Take the next course and get the opportunity to dive deeper and even more interesting!
Where does the lectures take place?
We appreciate live communication! You will get all the information immediately before diving.
Where does the practical trainings take place?
We are practicing in the pool called "SKA", Sredny Prospekt V.O., 87.
Learning rules
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By purchasing our courses, you give an opportunity to learn diving and go on diving trips for people with disabilities!
You can read articles about us and watch video that were shown on TV.
You can choose a certification system
Online payment
Pay online and get a discount!
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What's next?
This is the perfect opportunity to sign up for the Open Water Diver course. We will show you what the real diving is! Amazing adventures and breathtaking underwater world are waiting for you!